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We provide creative solutions that hit the User Experience & ROI mark 


We do mobile extremely well!

Our mobile development team has vast experience in developing high end, user-friendly and powerful mobile applications across iOS, Android & platforms using Native protocols & cross-platform frameworks such as Flutter.


Powerful web apps

Globetrotters Web Apps & Progressive Web Apps (PWA) skill sets allow us to determine best case use for mobile apps vs apps that capitalise on the sophistication of the modern internet browser. Technology has moved on, it just may be a move for you to embrace.


User experience

Firm belief that a strong UX is essential for creating any successful web or mobile app pushes us to delve deep into your objectives.


Using a blend of creative design and user interaction strategy based on your demographic, we develop solutions for customers which result in enhanced engagement, high conversion, greater reach and improved brand visibility.


Software architecture

Extensive experience in crafting software solutions that aid operations & processes arm us with the ability to streamline activity across business practices.


Apps are simply the window to the solution. It’s the software architecture that nestles behind that really makes it all tick. Our ability to understand the technologies you may currently have deployed, & advise on and align structurally stable, efficient software architecture that delivers your requirements, is an integral facet of our service set. 


Immersive augmented reality apps

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of our specialist fields. Utilising technologies such as the Unity 3D platform & Vuforia we have successfully delivered applications that harness the power of innovative technologies introducing 3D overlays into real-life environments.


Our novel based work has been particularly exciting, marrying the use of AR & immersive 360-degree panoramic gaming landscapes to enhance the book reading experience.


Infrastructure architecture

Whether client-side or in-house, all IT solutions require a secure, stable, scalable infrastructure to host, support & deliver best of breed mobile and software services. Our abilities extend to investigating your current architecture & where necessary restructuring it to accommodate technologies that allow for continued technological growth. 

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