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We work at a strategic and operational level, & embrace the power of technology.
App Development

Bespoke app build

Innovation & Hybrid

AI Chatbot & Hybrid 


Strategy and Concept

The initial phase of any app development process is answering the question "what is the purpose of the app?" from a company and user perspective. This might be obvious, but it requires a process to specify and clarify how to conceptualise the functionality so that it will be relevant for both the user and your company.


This includes both proposing features based on what is possible from a technical perspective and what the users will want and expect. At this stage, creating KPIs for the app is key. If the strategy and concept is already outlined, we use our extensive experience gained from completion of a range of mobile app projects to provide feedback on what will work and won't work, as well as the pitfalls that need to be addressed or considered.

Growth & maximising ROI on digital products plays an essential role in app strategy. Our close relationships with a range of vendors enable Globetrotter to optimise your user experiences, increase retention, drive revenue & maximise customer lifetime value. We address:

- Marketing Automation & lifecycle campaigns

- Analytics & Insights

- Central Data Management 

- Attribution Tracking & Optimisations 

- A/B testing & Workflow Optimisations​


UX and Design

The goal of the UX and design phase is to deliver an app that is intuitive, easy to use and creatively appealing. This phase starts with an interactive prototype of the full app to facilitate discussion on the different UX choices and possible functionality. When the flow of the app is clear we analyse the different design styles within the app-category to determine how to best stand out.


We then start the pixel-magic and create an engaging mobile design, while still being true to existing brand identity and guidelines. Beyond this, we ensure that all screens are pixel perfect and any interaction animations are in keeping with the design remit.

Successful designs instil confidence in your product & brand. They inspire users to download, engage & evangelise. Our digitally native designers create uniquely compelling & functional work grounded in results orientated best practices:


- User experience

- Information Architecture

- Prototyping​


Development and 

For all aspects of the development process, we apply an iterative process allowing for a more flexible and efficient workflow. We develop for a range of core platforms (iOS, Android, Huawei) but generally build the app native for each of them to ensure the best user experience on each platform. We have a team of passionate in-house developers who specialise in mobile development across the differing platforms.


Our practice of differentiated development allows us to maximise the experience for devices with higher OS versions or higher capacity. Most apps consist of a mobile part and a backend which we either build directly on top of an easy to use CMS or integrate onto already existing frameworks or APIs. 


Quality assurance and Launch

With an ever-growing number of devices possessing varied screen-sizes, OS versions and other hardware, it is important to test how the app will work within these differing environments.

We have an extensive range of mobile devices covering all the latest and most popular Android phones and older versions as well as the full range of all Apple technology. We don't upload the app to Apple Store, Google Play, Huawei App Gallery until it has gone through our strenuous Q&A testing cycles. Whilst doing so, we supply guidance on how to create effective keywords and descriptions. After launch, our automated monitoring systems make sure that users do not experience any bugs or crashes.


Evaluation and Analytics

Although some apps might have a limited lifetime to support a campaign for a shorter duration, most apps we develop are expected to live on for a long time. Thereby, it’s important to let the app evolve over time as the user’s needs change and new possibilities arise. No matter how well planned the concept of the app is, it might be a surprise how users actually use it and which features they engage with.

We aid the monitoring of the activity by implementing analytics to evaluate the usage of the app. As standard, we implement Google Analytics & Firebase but have extensive experience in implementing a wide range of third party tracking.

Their consultancy on future tech & what it could potentially surface for our brand was spot on.....We love Globetrotter!

Anna Monzon, Director of Digital Product, Burberry Group PLC 

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