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Our research & development leads to market ready product
AI Chatbot, Machine learning

We help you boost your product/brand user experience with the help of artificial intelligence. Through defining and implementing machine learning strategies we automate and optimise data processes that aid you to garner better insights from the available data. Our areas of specialisation include: 

  • Data & AI Strategy

  • Data mining

  • Data visualisation 

  • Machine learning implementations

  • Natural language processing

  • Deep learning

Looking to increase audience reach with search integration into Google Assistant or Alexa?...
We’ve got you!
Chatbot on Whatsapp of interest?... That’s right, sing along if you know the words...
We’ve got you!
Want to leverage the power of Facebook discover & integrate a chatbot into Facebook messenger?…
We’ve got you!

Whether integrating into Social platforms, Websites, Mobile Apps or virtual assistants, our team has the patience to carefully sift through your requirements, provide informed input on best-case use across each platform, develop an experience that is fitting of your KPI’s, advise on conversational intents & deliver an all-encompassing solution that quite simply delivers.

With solution architects who have worked as integral team members of the IBM Watson project, Globetrotter are primed to not only understand the rich suite of features AI can afford our clients, but also develop solutions that make a difference.


The mind-bending jargon that can often be used to take a client through AI technology simply does not have to be used (We’re always happy to get into that if that's what you are looking for!). Globetrotter simplifies your experience with us & boils it down to what you need to hear & why you need to hear it.

We could babble on for days on what we can do for you but we’re an amiable team who like to talk delivery...We’re here to talk AI, answer any questions you may have & give you that all-important steer in the right direction.

Google Business Messaging
Deliver timely, helpful and engaging experiences in the moment the customer needs your help - wherever they are? 
Rich, assertive, features to better support and engage customers
Directly available from Google search, Maps or across your owned channels
Meet customers where they are

Business Messaging is a mobile conversational channel that combines entry points on Google Maps, Search, and brand websites to create rich, asynchronous messaging experiences that engage customers and drive business results.

In the coming months, consumers will be able to find Business Messages in even more places on Android (iOS Apple If using Google Maps), including within apps and during calls.

The new communication platform will add additional value to your already experienced team and is a medium to long term cost reduction system for your business. It will seamlessly be able to handle large time-consuming parts of the communication process before handing off to a human contact if needed.

Native & hybrid apps
Our team develops natively on iOS (SWIFT), Android (Java/Kotlin) as well as cross-platform technologies such as Flutter that allows for a lower cost build than going the native route.
Not sure what we are talking about?
That’s no problem...We’re happy to explain! 

Having undertaken a wide range of complex app development projects for an array of clients, we’re proud to say “We know apps….extremely well!”. Not simply the coding protocols, infrastructure requirements & technical jargon behind it all, but the elements that really get your juices flowing, Your apps built, looks fantastic & works like a’s an app that requires user acquisition...what do you do now?!! Globetrotter has assisted app acquisition in excess of 45 million downloads & rising. It’s not alchemy or luck, our tried & tested marketing mix specifically tailored to your KPI’s delivers marked ROI.

Every app we develop is taken through rigorous planning, UX & testing phases with our expert teams to ensure a bug-free application with all edge cases considered. Our pride in how we deliver is why we “partner” with you to develop the solution. It’s imperative that we take this stance so we are wholly invested in the end goal. Your loss is our loss & we ensure we all win!


We are not a team that believes in waffling on aimlessly, we much prefer getting our hands dirty & relish the opportunity to consider the pros & cons of your project & plan how we make it a success. 

We’re happy to explore the possibilities of your app project & are here to advise whenever the time is on your side

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